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Biography and Statement

My name is Tom McGuire and I am an engineer at a small electronics company and an artist. I've been working with various forms of sculpture since about 1997 and I'm having a lot of fun with it. I'm working on developing art works that incorporate all different types of materials and especially electrical and mechanical parts. Much of my work is kinetic.

I was born in 1957 in Topeka Kansas however I spent most of my growing years in Hutchinson where I learned how everything works. I have to thank my parents for my education because most of my learning was at the expense of some major appliances. My little brother and I watched our older sister survive the 60’s while we launched model rockets from the front yard. I spent long hours in the basement tinkering with parts of old radios and fixing toasters and hair dryers for the neighbors. We were the last of the single income nuclear family as we sailed into the future on the wake of the computer revolution. In the past 20 years or so I have worked as an engineer for a small electronics manufacturer. I just couldn’t work for a big company. I still spend a lot of time tinkering. And in the past few years I have gathered some tools and received some inspiration to do the works that I have only been able to dream of doing before. They are made from all types of different materials: wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, and mechanical parts of discarded appliances. Some of them are animated in some way using electric motors and lights.

I’m sorry for what the technology has done to our society. It’s just too much. People don’t understand what it’s doing to them. We should be using these technological tools to learn and make our lives more enjoyable rather than working overtime to keep up with them. I am inspired by the choreography of motion in conjunction with sculpture and the way it catches the eye. I want to encourage people to try kinetics. It is time consuming but it has its rewards. One of the big roadblocks I think is having preconceived ideas about the outcome of your work. If you just pour positive energy into an idea and keep going till it’s done it usually works. Don’t be afraid of what’s inside the black box. Open it up and play with it.

Thank you for letting me share these things with you. I hope they will inspire you as much it has inspired me to create them.

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